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BogNations Staff Team

In order to build an inclusive, diverse Minecraft community platform, BogNations rely on the help of the staff team to assist with server development and community management. The platform's staff team consist of Minecraft players who are not only dedicated but also qualified with the basic Minecraft knowledge and community engagement skills.

Operation Staff Team

The BogNations operation staff team are in charge of daily operations and overall management of the Minecraft community platform.

  • 30.png bogmonster360 Emporer - Co-owner of BogNations; Owner of BogRealmsMC
  • 30.png DarkNexusJH Co-Owner - Co-Owner of BogNations; Community/Server Operations Director
  • 30.png Tachibanashito Cat - Co-Owner of BogNations; Community/Server Operations Manager
  • 30.png Avon_Alexson Admin - Operations Manager of BogRealmsMC server
  • 30.png Ellis509 Co-Owner - Plugin Operations and Development on BogRealmsMC and Pok├ęBog servers

Staff and Administration Team

The BogNations staff and administration team help moderate platform and server activity, and complete various tasks associated with BogNations, BogRealmsMC, and associated platformed.

  • 30.png CaterinaAznable Admin
  • 30.png SagePrince Admin
  • 30.pnglilmandz Admin
  • 30.png Livingshadow23 Admin
  • 30.png Shugr Staff
  • 30.png Kittiku Staff
  • 30.png bijx Co-Owner