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IGN: RallClaus
By RallClaus » 22 days ago

Hello all of BogRealms,

It's been a while! From what bogmonster360 has told me, the server has been a bit quiet this year. I can't blame him. Llamas need destroying, cube monsters need blasting, loot has turned leaky, and Ninja is married!?!

Anyways, it's that time of the year ONCE AGAIN! The RallClaus Wish List Event is back for the 4th year!!! Time for all your server wishes to come true.
In the coming weeks, the special RallClaus mailboxes will be placed around BogRealms City for you to send all your wish lists!

Have you been a good BogRealmer this year? See you all very soon!!

- RallClaus

Letter from RallClaus