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IGN: DarkNexusJH
By DarkNexusJH » 4 months ago

Hey everyone!

We just want to update you on what's happening with Minecraft 1.13.
Server files for Minecraft 1.13 have been released to the public. However, the code behind 1.13 contains a few things that may damage a few aspects of our server (ie. Skyblock, Creative and our plugins). If we also update our server now and find out something is wrong, we may not be able to revert back or fix some of the issues from the update conversion (1.12 to 1.13). 
We will be holding off this update for a little bit until a more stable version is released.

Keep an eye on our discord server for more information and updates.

On behalf of the BogNations operations team, Thanks!!

[Update - Aug 7, 2018. 8:15PM EST] We have enabled the server to support Minecraft 1.13. This means that you can now access the server using the Minecraft 1.13 client and optifine clients. Unless requested, Minecraft versions 1.11.X and earlier will not be enabled for server access.