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IGN: DarkNexusJH
By DarkNexusJH » 8 months ago
Server Maintenance and Repairs have been completed

Thank you all for your patience. All players may now return to the server. All inventories, locks and balances have also been restored so no need to worry.

Also a few things we fixed and changed:
  • Voting Plugin. We fixed the voting plugin and you can now vote for the server and receive the new rewards we have in place. More rewards coming soon!! (http://www.bognations.com/vote)
  • Ban Database. Ban databases have been fixed and can now be accessed at http://www.bognations.com/bans. Our ban database is public so you can see all the server bans, warnings and mutes.
  • Server Reporting. If you have a BogNations account, you can now continue to use ./report <player> <reason> to report any issues or players which will sync with the website.</reason></player>
  • Old Survival World. We have decided to deactivate old survival world due to the size of the world and minor issues we were having with the world.
  • PIKA PIKA That's your hint