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IGN: DarkNexusJH
By DarkNexusJH » 8 months ago
Hello BogNations Community,

All BogNations servers and ban databases will be offline for most of the day on Thursday, April 26, 2018 for essential server maintenance and repairs. This includes our main server, 'BogRealmsMC'. During the maintenance/repair time, no player except for operating staff can access the server.
[Server Maintenance Details]

[Date:] Thursday, April 26, 2018
[Time:] 12:01AM EST - 11:59PM EST
[What:] All BogNations Minecraft Servers and Ban Databases
[Issue:] Repair essential server services, plugins, databases and regular maintenance
[Server Access:] Operating Staff only

[Comments:] Maintenance will begin at 12:01AM EST with a full backup. Maintenance and repairs may end earlier than the time indicated.

If you have any questions, please let us know on our Discord chats or by visiting our support page.

- DarkNexusJH and bogmonster360
Live Updates
  • [04/23 - 4:40PM EST] Maintenance warning and details issued to all players
  • [04/26 - 12:01AM EST] Server access is now limited to staff only. Full server backup in progress.
  • [04/26 - 3:17AM] Backup completed. Initiating second round of backups and beginning repairs on the plugins.
  • [04/26 - 9:00AM] Secondary Backup completed. 
  • [04/26 - 3:06PM] Beginning server maintenance (all access to the server is now restricted including staff)
  • [04/26 - 3:30PM] Reuploading all sever files......too many server files for new survival
  • [04/26 - 5:58PM] Still reuploading server files and repairing ban and voting plugins and databases
  • [04/26 - 7:53PM] Server file upload complete. Ban plugin repairs completed. 
  • [04/26 - 9:30PM] BogNations Ban Database is back online at http://www.bognations.com/bans
  • [04/26 - 9:52PM] Finalizing settings and properties. Repairing Voting plugin.
  • [04/26 - 10:03PM] Voting Plugin repairs completed. Voting is now back online and new rewards are now in place!! Vote at http://www.bognations.com/vote