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Hello all of BogRealms,

It's been a while! From what bogmonster360 has told me, the server has been a bit quiet this year. I can't blame him. Llamas need destroying, cube monsters need blasting, loot has turned leaky, and Ninja is married!?!

Anyways, it's that time of the year ONCE AGAIN! The RallClaus Wish List Event is back for the 4th year!!! Time for all your server wishes to come true.
In the coming weeks, the special RallClaus mailboxes will be placed around BogRealms City for you to send all your wish lists!

Have you been a good BogRealmer this year? See you all very soon!!

- RallClaus

Letter from RallClaus

17 Nov 2018, 03:15 0 | 1

Hey everyone!

We just want to update you on what's happening with Minecraft 1.13.
Server files for Minecraft 1.13 have been released to the public. However, the code behind 1.13 contains a few things that may damage a few aspects of our server (ie. Skyblock, Creative and our plugins). If we also update our server now and find out something is wrong, we may not be able to revert back or fix some of the issues from the update conversion (1.12 to 1.13). 
We will be holding off this update for a little bit until a more stable version is released.

Keep an eye on our discord server for more information and updates.

On behalf of the BogNations operations team, Thanks!!

[Update - Aug 7, 2018. 8:15PM EST] We have enabled the server to support Minecraft 1.13. This means that you can now access the server using the Minecraft 1.13 client and optifine clients. Unless requested, Minecraft versions 1.11.X and earlier will not be enabled for server access.

07 Aug 2018, 19:18 0 | 4
Server Maintenance and Repairs have been completed

Thank you all for your patience. All players may now return to the server. All inventories, locks and balances have also been restored so no need to worry.

Also a few things we fixed and changed:
  • Voting Plugin. We fixed the voting plugin and you can now vote for the server and receive the new rewards we have in place. More rewards coming soon!! (
  • Ban Database. Ban databases have been fixed and can now be accessed at Our ban database is public so you can see all the server bans, warnings and mutes.
  • Server Reporting. If you have a BogNations account, you can now continue to use ./report to report any issues or players which will sync with the website.
  • Old Survival World. We have decided to deactivate old survival world due to the size of the world and minor issues we were having with the world.
  • PIKA PIKA That's your hint

27 Apr 2018, 03:26 0 | 2
Hello BogNations Community,

All BogNations servers and ban databases will be offline for most of the day on Thursday, April 26, 2018 for essential server maintenance and repairs. This includes our main server, 'BogRealmsMC'. During the maintenance/repair time, no player except for operating staff can access the server.
[Server Maintenance Details]

[Date:] Thursday, April 26, 2018
[Time:] 12:01AM EST - 11:59PM EST
[What:] All BogNations Minecraft Servers and Ban Databases
[Issue:] Repair essential server services, plugins, databases and regular maintenance
[Server Access:] Operating Staff only

[Comments:] Maintenance will begin at 12:01AM EST with a full backup. Maintenance and repairs may end earlier than the time indicated.

If you have any questions, please let us know on our Discord chats or by visiting our support page.

- DarkNexusJH and bogmonster360
Live Updates
  • [04/23 - 4:40PM EST] Maintenance warning and details issued to all players
  • [04/26 - 12:01AM EST] Server access is now limited to staff only. Full server backup in progress.
  • [04/26 - 3:17AM] Backup completed. Initiating second round of backups and beginning repairs on the plugins.
  • [04/26 - 9:00AM] Secondary Backup completed. 
  • [04/26 - 3:06PM] Beginning server maintenance (all access to the server is now restricted including staff)
  • [04/26 - 3:30PM] Reuploading all sever files......too many server files for new survival
  • [04/26 - 5:58PM] Still reuploading server files and repairing ban and voting plugins and databases
  • [04/26 - 7:53PM] Server file upload complete. Ban plugin repairs completed. 
  • [04/26 - 9:30PM] BogNations Ban Database is back online at
  • [04/26 - 9:52PM] Finalizing settings and properties. Repairing Voting plugin.
  • [04/26 - 10:03PM] Voting Plugin repairs completed. Voting is now back online and new rewards are now in place!! Vote at

23 Apr 2018, 21:40 0 | 5
SkyShop for BogRealmsMC Skyblock is now open at /warp skyblock. 
To earn SkyBucks, complete the many challenges we have in place on your skyblock island. We have new challenges rolling out each month!

Happy Shopping and surviving!! laugh

08 Apr 2018, 04:38 0 | 1

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